Winter “Dry Finger” Solution

冬天又到了。每到這個季節,除了一直沒適應的冷到不行的氣候,再來就是不斷地需要保濕的皮膚;特別是彈琴的手。只要感覺乾乾的就讓我渾身不對勁。不知道你們是不是也有這樣的感覺:「手本身還好解決,但是手指周遭的皮膚就比較難維持。」現在Jamberry 出的這款保濕仙女棒(我取的綽號💕)。仙女棒讓手指頭周圍的皮膚維持水嫩光滑,不佔空間(和簽字筆一般長度),方便好用(轉一轉,像口紅一樣),而且又香(杏仁味)(自用,送禮兩相宜啊!🎄


Winter! white snow, but also means dry skin 😅 as a pianist/ musician, dry skin around fingers always a BIG NO to me! Simply uncomfortable and unbearable. Luckily, Jambery‘s cuticle oil has solved my problem this winter! Easy to use (like lip stick) does not take much space(marker size) , and smells good (almond) . you can keep one in your purse and give someone as gift this winter! 🎄

*pen,$18.00 (before shipping & tax)
*bottle,$10.00 (before shipping & tax)


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