About “Music & Creative Arts”

Hello There,

This is Adelaide, the creator of  Music & Creative Arts

Thank you for stopping by and taking time browsing the website.

This is the place where you will find:

  1. Works made by me,
  2. Photography took by me,
  3. ePublish: both written by me and translation projects that me and my team did,
  4.  Useful resources I found while searching for inspirations and resolutions; and
  5. Movies and music I like.

Hope you will find what you need here, and don’t be shy to leave message and/or comments.

To be Inspired is Great, to inspire is Incredible!


哈囉 🙂

歡迎你來到 Music & Creative Arts, 我是 Adelaide.


  1. 我的作品,
  2. 網路出版:包含課程設計(獨立作品)以及翻譯書籍(和朋友合作完成),
  3. 感動我的音樂、電影⋯⋯;以及
  4. 分享當在尋找靈感時,覺得滿不錯的資源。

希望在這裡你能找到所需要的 🙂